Commercial Controls

At Rhyno’s we not only provide the best commercial equipment available, but also the best controls to suit your needs. Lennox commercial controls provide you the optimum flexibility to build the best system to meet your needs and help you reduce your energy bills. The L Connection® Networks enhances comfort and energy-efficiency throughout your facilities, but also helps improve productivity with streamlined system control, and Lennox commercial thermostats offer simple and efficient temperature control.

L Connection® Network

L Connection Lennox Commercial Control

• Controls a wide range of HVAC and building operations such as heating, cooling, lights, etc.
• Supports constant volume bypass and variable air volume zoning applications
• Compatible with Lennox® rooftop units, split systems and electromechanically controlled third-party equipment

ComfortSense® 8500 Commercial Programmable Thermostat

Lennox Comfortsense 8500 Thermostat

• Versatile thermostat designed specifically for commercial applications
• Auto changeover between heating and cooling
• Built-in humidity sensor and optional CO2 sensors for enhanced control capabilities
• Simplified installation and service with only four wires

Comfortsense® 7500 Commercial Thermostat

Lennox Comfortsense 7500 Thermostat

• Backlit 4.3-inch color touchscreen display is easy to read in any light
• Designed for the fresh air ventilation needs of commercial spaces with economizer control
• Programmable for individual days, weekdays/weekends or a consistent week-long schedule

iComfort Wi-Fi® Touchscreen Thermostat

icomfort Lennox touchscreen Thermostat

• Easy-to-read touchscreen for quick adjustment
• One-Touch Away mode for smarter operation after hours
• Remote access for convenient temperature control anywhere and anytime
• Optional Equipment Interface Module compatible with most commercial applications

Comfortsense® 3000 Commercial Thermostat

Lennox Comfortsense 3000 Thermostat

• Large buttons and display for ease of use
• Intuitive, advanced electronics for precise temperature control
• Designed specifically for commercial applications
• Weekdays and weekends are manually programmable with up to four time periods per day

Comfortsense® 3000 Non-Programmable Thermostat

Lennox Comfortsense 3000 non-programmable Thermostat

• Simple up and down arrows for intuitive temperature adjustments
• Easy-to-read digital interface that displays operational status
• Intuitive, advanced electronics provide equipment protection timers, filter and service reminders
• Stylish design to complement any interior setting