Indoor Air Quality

With insulation and weather stripping, buildings are made more airtight and consequently less ventilated. According to EPA research, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) is among the top five environmental risks. Therefore, it is in the very best interest of buildings to have a good ventilation system which provides proper air flow without the loss of heat or humidity, while bringing in fresh air and at the same time promoting energy efficiency.

Rhyno’s supplies and installs best of the ventilation system brands available in the market for both commercial and industrial properties. These systems can find application in Educational Complexes, Healthcare, Historic Renovations, Hospitality, Mixed-Use Facilities, Multi-Family Residences, Office Buildings etc.


Humidity control helps protect comfort and productivity by removing humidity without overcooling rooms, preventing growth of molds and bacteria, and controlling the spread of allergens.

Through Lennox, we provide two dehumidification systems for your buildings’ needs.

Humiditrol® Dehumidification System for Rooftop Units

Humiditrol dehumidification for Rooftop Units

• Patented design that controls humidity independent of room temperature
• Maintains ASHRAE 90.2-2007 requirements while controlling room humidity levels
• System allows all compressors to provide full-load dehumidification and part-load cooling

Humiditrol® Dehumidification System for Split Systems

Humiditrol dehumidification for Split Systems

• Provides independent humidity and temperature control in one easy-to-use device
• Moisture removal significantly outperforms conventional dehumidifiers
• Helps control growth of mold, mildew and dust mites that can aggravate allergies and asthma


Ventilation is essential to improving indoor air quality by cost-effectively incorporating fresh air that reduces the concentration of chemicals, carbon dioxide and other contaminates. Ideal for tightly sealed buildings, a ventilation system helps replace stale, contaminated indoor air with fresher.

Rhyno’s carries Lennox, Venmar and Lifebreath ventilation systems.

Lennox Demand Control Ventilation

Lennox Demand Control Ventilation

• Rooftop unit option featuring a carbon dioxide sensor to estimate occupancy
• Modulates ventilation based on occupancy
• Minimizes energy costs while maintaining air quality
• Compatible with non-Prodigy control system Lennox® rooftop units with an economizer

Lennox Energy Recovery Systems

Lennox Energy Recovery System

• 300-6,200 CFM
• Available with most rooftop units
• ETL-certified
• Energy recovery wheel is segmented for easy cleaning and removal
• Barometric relief dampers standard

Lennox Energy Recovery Wheel

Lennox Energy Wheel System

• ARI-certified Airxchange® wheel
• Washable energy transfer segment for long life and sustainable effectiveness
• UL®-recognized component
• Segmented for easy cleaning and removal
• Permanently bonded silica gel desiccant for long life

Lifebreath Commercial HRV

Lifebreath Commercial HRV

• Provide fresh air ventilation with or without a ducted forced air system
• Superior performance of patented aluminum heat recovery core
• 400-2600 CFM range
• Compact and reliable unit for easy installation
• Conserve energy to save money and create a healthy environment

Lifebreath Commercial ERV

Lifebreath Commercial ERV

• Designed to provide fresh air into the building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air to the outside
• Energy is transfered between the airsteams reducing the loads on the heating and cooling equipment
• 100-1300 CFM range
• multi-speed with compact cabinets for easy installation

Venmar Light Commercial HRV

Venmar Light Commercial HRV

• Manufactured with a high performance fixed plate exchanger, certified to AHRI Standard 1060
• Passive heat recovery device that is low maintenance, extremely corrosion resistant, with high sensible effectiveness
• 2,500-11,500 CFM range

Venmar Light Commercial ERV

Venmar Light Commercial ERV

• Manufactured with a high performance fixed plate exchanger, certified to AHRI Standard 1060
• Venmar CES HRV series provides an exhaust air energy recovery solution that is extremely flexible and configurable
• Easily used with another air conditioning system to provide high Combined Efficiency Factors (CEF) or as a stand alone system

Brands Rhyno’s offers:

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