Packaged Rooftop Units

Lennox rooftop units represent some of the most innovative technology in the market including the new solar powered Sunsource System for Energence rooftop units. Combining industry-leading efficiency with fast, easy installation and service, Lennox offers reliable systems that deliver exceptional comfort in commercial buildings.

A broad range of ENERGY STAR (R) qualified units help control energy expenses for low total cost of ownership while delivering exceptional IAQ.

Energence® Ultra Rooftop Units (60Hz)

Energence Ultra Lennox Package Rooftop Unit

SEER/IEER: Up to 23.5/22.0
EER: Up to 15.0
Configurations: G/E. E/E
Tonnages: 3-20

Energence® Rooftop Units (60Hz and 50Hz)

Energence Lennox Package Rooftop Unit

Tonnages: 3-50
SEER/IEER: Up to 18.0/16.0
EER: Up to 12.8
Configurations: G/E. E/E

Landmark® Rooftop Units (60Hz and 50Hz)

Landmark Lennox Package Rooftop Unit


Tonnages: 2-25
SEER/IEER: Up to 16.5/16.0
EER: Up to 13.0
Configurations: G/E. E/E, HP & Duel Fuel

Raider® Rooftop Units (60Hz and 50Hz)

Raider Lennox Package Rooftop Unit


Tonnages: 3-12.5
SEER/IEER: Up to 14.0/15.0
EER: Up to 11.7
Configurations: G/E. E/E, HP

Strategos® Rooftop Units

StrategosLennox Package Rooftop Unit


Tonnages: 3-24
SEER/IEER: Up to 16.1/16.8
EER: Up to 13.6
Configurations: G/E. E/E

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