Split Systems

Rhyno’s offers an extensive line of split system components from heat pumps to air conditioners to high quality air handlers and indoor coils which can be configured as per your need for ideal comfort.

The split systems from Lennox provide reliable performance to meet the demands of a variety of commercial applications. Lennox system offer the highest efficiency available while reducing energy bills and maximizing comfort.

S-Class® Air Conditioners (SSB) and Heat Pumps (SPB)

Lennox S-class air conditioners and heat pumpsTonnages: 3-5
SEER: Up to 16.5
HSPF: Up to 9.5

T-Class™ Air Conditioners (TSA) & Heat Pumps (TPA)

Lennox T-class air conditioners and heat pumps
Tonnages: 3-5
SEER: Up to 16
HSPF: Up to 9.7

Nitrogen-Charged Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

Lennox Nitrogen Charged Air Conditioner and heat pump
Tonnages: 3-5
SEER: Up to 13
• Designed for ambient temperatures up to 125° F

T-Class™ Large Split Systems (60Hz & 50Hz)

Lennox T-Class Split System
Tonnages: 6-20
SEER: Up to 11.7
• Outdoor coil fan moves air through condenser coil for high refrigerant movement

Lennox Air Handlers

Lennox Air Handlers
• Lennox offers several Air Handler options to fit your split system needs.
Tonnages: Ranging from 2-20
Airflow Multi-Position & Upflow/Horizontal

Lennox Indoor Coils

Lennox Indoor Coils
• Lennox offers multiple Indoor Coil options to fit your split system needs.
• Large surface area for high-efficiency operation
Tonnages: 1.5-5

Split System Brands Rhyno’s offers:

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