VRF Systems

VRF stands for “Variable Refrigerant Flow”. VRF systems are an ideal heating and cooling solution for a wide variety of commercial  buildings where an independent unit requires a different temperature than other irrespective units.

VRF’s units are readily available for both indoor and outdoor installation, with mode selection boxes and controls and accessories to make your VRF experience simple and efficient.

Lennox Outdoor Units

Lennox Outdoor VRF
• DC Inverter Compressors
• DC Fan Motors
• 2Hz Frequency Stop
• Innovative Fan Blade Design
• Flexible System Layout
• Energy Smart Night Mode
• VRA Heat Recovery Outdoor Unit
• VPA Heat Pump Outdoor Unit
• Mini-VRF Heat Pump Outdoor Unit

Lennox Indoor Units

Lennox Indoor VRF
• Auto Restart & Addressing
• Dry Mode
• Washable Filter & Panel
• Preheat Function & Error Status
• VWMA Wall Mount
• V22A Compact 360° Cassette
• V33A 360° Cassette
• VCFA Ceiling & Floor Mount
• VHIA High-Static Ducted
• VDMA Medium-Static Ducted
• VVCA Vertical Air Handler

Lennox Mode Selection Boxes

Lennox VRF Mode Selection Boxes
• Control the flow of hot and cold refrigerant to evaporator units
• Allows heat to be taken from one room to warm another
• Key to heat recovery ventilation
• Available in 2, 4 and 6 port configurations
• 2-Port V8MSBB01
• 2-Port V8MSBB02
• 4-Port V8MSBB03
• 6-Port V8MSBB04

Lennox VRF Controls & Accessories

Lennox VRF Mode Selection Boxes
• Lennox has multiple control options and accessories available to help you create your ideal environment
• Touchscreen Programmable Local Controller
• Simple Wired Controller
• LVM Centralized Control
• Indoor Unit Centralized Controller
• Wireless Remote Controller
• Lonworks® and Bacnet® Gateway
Check out the VRF Brochure for more controls and accessories!