Community Service

Highway Clean-up

Rhyno’s completes 2 Highway clean ups per year, taking care of the on/off ramps at EX12 please be sure to give us a wave if you see out on the ramps. We like to give back to the community that keeps us working and what better way to this than helping to keep our highways clear.




Rhyno's Ltd. at Bridgewater Food BankBridgewater Food Bank – Heating Issues

We had been contacted by Clean Foundation and Nova Scotia power regarding the plight of our local food bank here in Bridgewater and helping them to lower the cost of heating and cooling the building. We very much wanted to help and began the process of providing the food bank with a dual head mini-split system together with installation of a second unit, our Electrician – Conquerall Electrical also agreed to take part in the project enabling the systems to be fully installed without cost to the Food bank.

The money that they save on this project and projected savings from the heating bills can all be put to better use feeding the less fortunate and helping struggling families. Rhyno’s where very happy to be part of this project.