Message from the Jayme Rhyno

March 18 2020

Dear Valued Customers & Partners,

Subject: COVID-19 Prevention & Preparedness

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, we want you to know that Rhyno’s is doing everything we can to support you and our employees during this difficult time. We are taking added precautions to keep our community and employees safe. The health and wellness of our community, customers, employees and partners are our top priority.

We would like to share with you the steps that Rhyno’s is taking to continue providing you with the quality customer service you require. 

Actions Taken to Minimize Risk Within Our Workplace

  • communication with all Rhyno’s employees, reinforcing the latest prevention measures recommended by federal and local authorities;
  • implementation of ‘social distancing’ across our workforce whenever possible;
  • increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting our office space & other work environments;
  • temporary restriction has been placed on allowing the public to access our Bridgewater office;
  • leveraging technology to conduct business remotely whenever feasible.

Actions Taken to Minimize Risk In Your Homes/Facilities

  • Rhyno’s has coached our own Field Service Team on the following procedures and precautions:
    • technicians will complete a daily health self-assessment checklist;
    • technicians will NOT work if you’re ill and/or exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19;
    • technicians to limit in-person contact and maintain ‘social distancing’ from customers/partners as much as possible;
    • technicians to wash hands with soap frequently;
    • technicians to wear disposable gloves when entering/exiting the work location to avoid touching any surface other than the equipment and tools; dispose of gloves after leaving each location;
    • technicians to wear gloves during service if they do not interfere with the dexterity required to install/service equipment; if, for some reason, gloves can’t be worn during the service, technicians will pre-wipe the equipment with a disinfectant wipe;
    • technicians to wear respiratory masks when entering job sites;
    • no hand-shaking;
    • cough/sneeze into elbow;
    • technicians to take care in cleaning work area once completed with disinfectant wipes;
    • technicians to comply with any protocols customers/partners have set-up to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We assure you that none of our employees have been outside of the country in the past 30-days.

We understand this situation can change from one day to the next, and so we remain vigilant in our prevention and planning efforts. As the situation evolves so will our approach and we’re committed to keeping you informed.

We appreciate and value your trust in us. If you have any questions regarding an ongoing project/upcoming appointment, please contact us by email at or by phone at 1-800-595-4737.

Alternatively, if you’re concerned about your indoor air quality  (especially during this unique time), we are ready to discuss potential options and solutions for your specific situation.

We are all in this together and the best way to navigate this time is to stay closely connected and focus on our well-being. We are grateful for your support and understanding and wish you and your families good health.


Jayme Rhyno, President & The Rhyno’s Team






Harry and Sharon Rhyno started an appliances and refrigeration business, working out of their Riverport home in 1975. In 1979, they brought on another technician and by 1985 they were concentrating on Heating, Cooling, Ventilation and Refrigeration. To accommodate their expanded business, they relocated Rhyno’s just off Bridgewater’s Exit 12 on North Street.


Their son, Jayme, was 13 when he started working with his father during weekends and summers. After graduating from high school, he joined the technical side of the business and began studying for his refrigeration license. In 2006, Jayme obtained his Inter-Provincial Journeyman Licence with the Red Seal.  Jayme’s father, Harry, has now fully retired and Jayme has taken over Rhyno’s as we continue to grow.


At Rhyno’s, we design, deliver, install and maintain a host of comfort-and-healthy-living solutions for applications in: Home, Business, and Industry. Our service department can handle any job – big or small. Even if you purchase elsewhere, you can count on Rhyno’s Service Team to protect your investment. Jayme helped Rhyno’s to expand further and in December 2015, Rhyno’s relocated once again to a larger premises on North Street.


At Rhyno’s we follow a set of core values:

  • Quality is a must
  • Honour our commitments
  • Act with integrity
  • Customize our solutions – Every customer is an individual
  • Encourage long-term development and growth of both our company and customer

Most importantly, we believe and say with pride “The customer is the most important partner in our business!”