Residential Services


Breathing quality indoor air is critical for good health.
Particle allergens, chemical pollutants, mold, and bacteria are more common than you think. But now you can breath easy. Rhyno’s offer an indoor air analyzer service that can quickly identify unseen
threats in the air – and then we can recommend solutions customized to your specific issues.

We place the monitor in your main living area 2’ away from the wall & 2’ off the floor. We leave the monitor plugged in for 30 minutes to test different conditions. This test takes only 30 minutes!
It’s a quick and easy 4 step process.

1. Place monitor in home

2. In 30 minutes, data uploaded to AirAdvice servers via internal cell modem.

3. In less than one minute servers analyze data, generate an IAQ report and mail to you.

4. Present report to homeowner while you are still in the home.

Rhyno’s will run a 30-minute indoor air quality check in your home to help us determine if you have any air issues. If you do not have an air filtration systems, we can recommend a solution. The results are emailed to our Rhyno’s comfort advisor who will share those results with you. Please close your doors and windows an hour before the scheduled visit so we are testing the air in the home, and not what blows in from outside.

30 Minute Indoor Air Quality test $299 + Tax*

Call 1-800-595-4737 to arrange an appointment today!
*Some conditions apply.


Rhyno’s is pleased to offer our clients a Planned Service & Maintenance Package. This package provides a convenient option to ensure the maximum lifespan and efficiency of the systems you depend on.

Benefits of our Planned Service & Maintenance package:

  • Increase in the efficiency of your equipment
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased product lifespan
  • Reduced labour rates
  • Discounted parts
  • The equipment warranty is protected
  • Priority Service during the busy season
  • 24-7 dedicated customer service
  • On-call emergency service

The Planned Service & Maintenance Program includes:

  • A complete review of your system
  • A comprehensive cleaning of your system
  • Filter check, clean or replacement depending on your system’s requirements